Tuesday, September 8, 2020



DNA has released an unseen video of Sushant which is intended to show that Sushant is High on drugs. 

But look carefully. He is reading a book when Rhea is distracting him. 

Which druggie reads a book when high ? Most of them just doze off. But this intelligent guy is reading a book !

And what a brilliant choice of a book. Is it a fiction ? Love story ? About Films ?

No. The book is by a financial psychologist. Sarah Newcomb, Ph. D. 

And it is about , “ Money , Psychology and how to get ahead without leaving your values behind”. It highlights more on core values than money-making. 

And what a choice of a caption of the book : LOADED. 

General meaning of loaded is equipped with all gadgets. For example when I say my car is “Fully Loaded”, it means it is equipped with stereo, sun-roof and all other fancy gadgets.  

It does not mean, he is fully high on drugs !


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